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Online Arvigo Self Care Workshop

Registration Deadline is October 20, 2023.

A minimum of 5 Students is required for this class to take place.

Time & Location

27 Oct, 12:00 pm GMT-5 – 29 Oct, 6:00 pm GMT-5

US Timezones

About the Event

Please click READ MORE below for full information on the class. This may take a moment or two to appear.


Join Tiffany Taft, PhD, Yoga & Somatic Therapy, Paige Waggoner, LMT,  & Anna Demetra for this two and a half day workshop online where you will learn about the anatomy and physiology of normal pelvic and abdominal organs and what happens when they become unbalanced.


During the workshop you will dive deep into the healing traditions passed down to Dr. Rosita Arvigo via Don Elijio Panti. Self massage, anatomy, physiology, pelvis steams/soaks, castor oil therapy, herbal support, plant spirit medicine, tension patterns in the body, the history and lineage of this work and more. 


Completion of this program will qualify the participant to perform the abdominal massage on themselves only and prepare the licensed practitioner to go on to level two of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.


This training will take place via Zoom with opportunities to get off the screen and engage in practical learning.


This 2.5 day course is the first level of training with the Arvigo® Institute and is a prerequisite for practitioner training.


Dates and Times

Friday,  October 27th, 2023            12pm - 7:00 PM CST; 1pm - 8PM EST 

Saturday,  October 28th, 2023       12pm - 7:00 PM CST;  1pm - 8PM EST    

Sunday,   October 29th, 2023        12pm - 6:00 PM CST;  1pm - 6PM EST    


*Lunch/Dinner break will be 1.5hrs and will include experiential time with the therapies.



There are no requirements for this entry level course. For practitioners, the Self-Care Workshop is the first level of training with the Arvigo® Institute and is a prerequisite for Professional Care Training.


*Please note these classes are not recorded due to privacy reasons.



$300 USD. 


This class will be co-taught by Tiffany Taft, Phd, Paige Waggoner, LMP, and Anna Demetra.


About Tiffany


Dr. Tiffany Taft, LMT, Yoga & Somatic Healing therapist, Doula, and Reiki Master and has been a practicing massage and integrative healing therapist for 35 years, and Arvigo ® ️ practitioner for 2 years. Tiffany's approach to wellness encompasses evidenced based integrative therapies that support womb wellness for those journeying through fertility, perinatal, and beyond. Tiffany also brings her knowledge as an herbalist and sound therapist to all of her work.  She currently resides in Montgomery, AL, USA, where she leads holistic energy healing classes, workshops, and ceremonies for primarily women of color supporting their womb care needs holistically.


About Paige Waggoner:


Paige Waggoner Clark LMT, has been a practicing massage therapist for 24 years, and an advanced Arvigo®️ practitioner for 7 years. With a focus on traditional bodywork practices and the childbearing year, Paige brings her knowledge as a homebirth midwife, herbalist and yoga teacher to all of her work.  She currently resides in Kentucky, USA, where she leads holistic equine and sound healing experiences.


About Anna Demetra:


Anna is an experienced bodyworker dedicated to the wellbeing of women, wombs and the childbirth continuum. For the last 10 years she has attended births and supported individuals through sacred journeys of conception, pregnancy, birth, loss and postpartum.

Her background also includes over a decade of work in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, Advanced techniques of Arvigo® Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Yoga/Functional Movement and Energy Healing. Her commitment to these methods along with her love of plants and their abilities to expand awareness and understanding of the body-mind connection has been a source of wonder and healing.  Anna lives and works in Houston, Texas



10% of the total cost of every for class is tithing. This tithing is split three ways.  A third goes to the Itzamna Society - Don Elijio's descendants who protect the sacred forest at the Elijio Panti National Park in Belize.  A third goes to  Walter Cholotio, a Tz'utujil Maya Fire and Daykeeper in Guatemala. The final third goes to supporting indigenous healers and/or environmental care projects on the land trainings are held.

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