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Vaginal steaming is a gentle way to nurture and heal thyself from within.  This healing ritual has existed in some form in most every culture since ancient times.   The benefits seem endless and include supporting pms symptoms, irregular cycles, cysts, fibroids, incontinence, prolapse, sexual trauma, menopause, scar tissue, toning uterus, promoting circulation, healing wounds, infection, calming to the nervous system and so much more.  The plants in my blends are all organic including some homegrown with love and harvested with prayer.  May the wisdom of these plants and the power in this practice bring you back to your sacred and powerful center.   

Peri+Menopause Yoni Steam Blend

  • All organic ingredients: Basil, Red Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow, Damiana, Chamomile + Rose petals. 2oz.

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